Laser Processing & Bending

Fiber Lasers & CNC Press Brakes

K-TEK laser cuts, drills, and welds 2D and 3D parts with high-speed Fiber Lasers systems. For those part designs requiring bends and forms K-TEK has complete array of CNC Press Brakes. And, with additional capabilities to weld, add hardware, and paint, K-TEK can go beyond just parts by providing value-added assemblies and final products.

Fiber Laser Video

Video preview: K-TEK dual laser system at it’s Wisconsin plant. System has two 10,000 Watt Fiber Optic Lasers with a Remmert FMS System for lights-out manufacturing.

Our Process

To achieve competitive processing advantages K-TEK Wisconsin and K-TEK North Carolina facilities are both outfitted with the latest 10,000 watt Fiber Laser systems with Remmert FMS sheet handling system. K-TEK Wisconsin has added a dual laser system which has two 10,000 Watt Fiber Optic Lasers with a Remmert FMS System for lights-out manufacturing. Sheet metal inventory is stored in an automated tower, locally at the laser. Two automated units supply sheets and remove parts. Processed parts are then transferred to pallets.

CNC Bending/Laser Cells

With most laser processed components requiring secondary bending operations, K-TEK has created highly efficient cells. Parts are laser processed and conveniently transferred to wide array of CNC bending equipment. Parts are turned from flat sheet stock into 3D components within hours and shipped the same day when needed.

Laser Processing & Turret Bending
Precision Stampings

Laser Processing & Bending

Need parts fast? K-TEK can help with our fully-equipped Laser and CNC Press Brake Bending systems located in Wisconsin and North Carolina. Typical components include: Computer Systems, Label Printing Systems, Rack Mounted Computer Systems, Electronic Rack Enclosures, Vehicle Cabs, Office Partitions, Electrical Systems, Electrical Boxes, Circuit Breakers, Recreation Vehicles, Motorcycles, School Desks and Chairs. Small Gas Engines, Cable & Wire Assemblies.

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About K-TEK

K-TEK is a division of Griffiths Corporation which was founded in Minnesota as a short run metal stamping company in the mid-1960's. 

K-TEK Wisconsin started in the early 1980's and grew out of their customer's need for a full-service supplier.

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