In-House Tooling

Project & Tooling Considerations

Each K-TEK facility has its own highly skilled process engineers, CAD/CAM programmers and toolmakers to assist in handling your project requirements. Tooling considerations start with quantities, complexity, configurations, tolerances and budget. All of which determine the best equipment and tooling style that best fit the application. Starting with In-house tool design K-TEK designers are proficient in SolidWorks®, LogoPress®, Pro-E® and AutoCAD® programs. They easily navigate part designs, tool development and part programming to make your components the highest quality possible.

Tooling Simulation Video

Video preview: Using SolidWorks® our engineers can design and test the functionality of tooling before any build happens. This video examples shows a progressive tool in action.

Progressive Tooling

K-TEK is extremely experienced with the design and building of Progressive tooling. This type of tooling is common for long runs and combines multiple operations into one tool. Strips of material are advanced through the stages of the tool to produce a complete part. Progressive tools save on material handling, eliminate many secondary operations and therefore lowers your part price.

Long Run, Short Run & Soft Tools

K-TEK designs and builds Stage Tools to perform one operation per tool which can consist of multiple pierces or forms depending on the part configuration. Stage tools also can be mounted into die sets for longer production runs. Short run tools are fast to make but are not mounted into permanent die sets and provide cost savings. K-TEK also maintains a wide range of versatile, off-the-shelf Soft Tools for use in Turret Punching and Press Brake Bending for prototyping or low volumes.

in-house tooling

In-House Tool Room

Our in-house tool room utilizes advanced EDM systems, CNC grinders and CNC machining centers which are backed by highly skilled toolmakers. Together they provide our customers with the latest technologies enabling K-TEK to deliver high quality projects on-time and on-budget.

Tooling Inventory

Each K-TEK facility has a tool room inventory department where tools are stored until needed. Each tool is inspected, cataloged, stored and meticulously maintained between production runs.

in-house tooling examples

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Components and assemblies include: Computer Systems, Label Printing Systems, Rack Mounted Computer Systems, Electronic Rack Enclosures, Vehicle Cabs, Office Partitions, Electrical Systems, Electrical Boxes, Circuit Breakers, Recreation Vehicles, Motorcycles, Custom Wire Frames for Chairs, Storage Units, Mower Decks, Lawn & Garden Assemblies, ATV Assemblies, Snowmobile Assemblies, Class 8 Truck Assemblies, Mechanical Weldments, Electronic Weldments and more.

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