Industries Examples

Small Engines & Equipment
  • Small engine throttle control assembly
  • Wire control assembly
  • Motor mount for small engine
  • Linkage control assembly
  • Small motor covers
  • Valve cover for a small engine
Lawn & Garden Equipment
  • Mower decks
  • Lawn & Garden stamping
  • Step assembly for the a Lawn & Garden tractor
Snow Blower Equipment
  • Snow blower auger assembly
  • Snow blower assembly
  • Snow blower shutter control mount
  • Snow blower blade
All-Terrain & Recreational Vehicles
  • ATV adjustable bracket assembly
  • ATV linkage assembly
  • Wheel brake dust cover
  • ATV engine heat shield
Class 8 Truck
  • Frame assembly for a cabinet in a Class 8 sleeper cab
  • Truck brake lever
  • Seat adjustment component
  • Class 8 Truck bracket for the mounting of the dashboard
  • Vehicle cab components
Office & Industrial Partition Systems
  • 4-way connectors
  • Wall brackets
  • T-leg brackets
  • Conner connector
  • 90 degree corner
  • Desk and chair components
  • Commercial furniture components
Electrical Equipment
  • Electrical outlet box
  • Metal stamped generic box covers
  • Electrical circuit breaker boxes
  • Electrical systems for office
Material Handling Equipment
  • LP Gas tank mount for a fork truck
  • Material handling equipment components
Military Equipment & Vehicles
  • Military blast mediation seat
Computer and Print Equipment
  • Rack mount computer systems
  • Computer chassis assembly
  • Label printing systems
  • Cable and wire assemblies
  • Electronic rack enclosures
  • Printer base assembly
Additional Industry Examples
  • Complete air filter assembly
  • Replaceable filter component
  • Commercial stainless sink
  • Specialty hinge
  • End-cap assembly
  • Grocery store bag stand
  • Railroad equipment
Precision Metal Specialty Manufacturing
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About K-TEK

K-TEK is a division of Griffiths Corporation which was founded in Minnesota as a short run metal stamping company in the mid-1960's. 

K-TEK Wisconsin started in the early 1980's and grew out of their customer's need for a full-service supplier.

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