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Metal Stamping and Fabrication


Short and Medium Run Dies - This type of low cost tool was invented in the Minneapolis area in the 1950's and were originally referred to as "pancake tools" or "soft tools".  They are now more commonly referred to as "short run tools". Even though they are called short run tools, they are good for hundreds of thousands parts through their life. The main advantages of short run tools are low cost, fast development and quick tool set up. 

Work Cells – K-Tek designed an innovative method of using “work cells” to group operations on a single part together in one area.  This allows us to concentrate our efforts to achieve the highest standards in quality and throughput.

Progressive Tooling - We also offer long run, progressive tooling. This type of tooling combines multiple operations into one tool. Strips of material are advanced through the stages of the tool to produce a complete part. Progressive tools save on material handling and therefore saves you money your part price.

Turret Presses – used for blanking and piercing of prototype or low volume production parts. Our newest unit has sophisticated forming capability for small features. 

Laser – We have a 4000 watt laser with a full FMS system that we can use for prototype orders to production.



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