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We have expertise in all forms of welding

MIG – Can be used for many times of metals and is well suited for long welds and thick sections. Can be performed in any orientation and requires little post-weld cleanup.

TIG – Clean, high quality welds with little distortion but slower and less suited for thick sections than MIG welding.

Robotic – Faster, more precise welds with greater consistency and quality.

Spot Welding - We have automatic nut feeders for M6, M8, and M10.

Baldwin, WI
K-Tek Wisconsin
750 Vandeberg Street
Baldwin, WI  54002
Phone (715) 684-3033
Fax (715) 684-3050


Charlotte, NC
K-Tek Carolina
10240 Industrial Drive
Charlotte, NC  28134
Phone (704) 554-5657
Fax (704) 554-1866