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Industries Served
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Industries Served by K-Tek

  • Integrated Assemblies
  • Electrical Boxes and Circuit Breakers
  • Computer Systems
  • Recreation Vehicles
  • Label Printing Systems
  • Rail Industries
  • Rack Mount Computer Systems
  • Desk and Chairs
  • Electronic Rack Enclosures
  • Small Gas Engines
  • Vehicle Cabs
  • Cable and Wire Assemblies
  • Electrical Systems for Office
  • Material and Handling Equipment
  • Commercial Furniture
Baldwin, WI
K-Tek Wisconsin
750 Vandeberg Street
Baldwin, WI  54002
Phone (715) 684-3033
Fax (715) 684-3050


Charlotte, NC
K-Tek Carolina
10240 Industrial Drive
Charlotte, NC  28134
Phone (704) 554-5657
Fax (704) 554-1866